A resolution is a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by a governmental assembly. Resolutions are a sub-set of ordinances, stating a municipality's opinion on a given matter and authorizing such actions as setting various fees for services, and initiating agreements between the municipality and other entities, etc.

2019 Resolutions
  • R-19-01 Open Records Policy
  • R-19-02 Meeting Policies & Procedures Resolution
  • R-19-03 Schedule of Fees
  • R-19-04 Disposition of Municipal Records Manual w/ Schedule
  • R-19-05 Sewage Enforcement Services (SEO) Resolution
  • R-19-06 Resolution to Amend the RTK Law and Provide Relief From Vexatious Requesters
2018 Resolutions
2017 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions

2015 Resolutions
2014 Resolutions
  • R-14-01 SEO Resolution
  • R-14-02 Open Records Policy
  • R-14-03 Meeting Procedures Resolution
  • R-13-04 Disposition of Records Municipal Records Manual
  • R-14-05 OGS Playground
  • R-14-06 Playground Loan Resolution
  • R-14-07 PV Rails to Trails Implementation - Spring Mills Community Rail Trail
  • R-14-08 Impact Fee Budget Resolution
  • R-14-09 Health Insurance Trust
  • R-14-10 Plan Revision for New Land Development

2013 Resolutions

2012 Resolutions

  • R-12-01 Sewer Enforcement Agent for Township
  • R-12-02 Administrative Schedule of Fees
  • R-12-03 Zoning Hearing Board Fee Schedule
  • R-12-04 Zoning/Building Permit Fee Schedule
  • R-12-05 Open Records Policy
  • R-12-06 Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda
  • R-12-07 Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency to act on behalf of Gregg Township
  • R-12-08 Gregg Township Supports Prevailing Wage Reform
  • R-12-09 Tri-Municipal Park Resolution
  • R-12-10 Resolution for Plan Revision for New Land Development
  • R-12-13 Road Race Turkey Trot
  • R-12-14 Delinquent Earned Income Tax Collection
  • R-12-15 Penn DOT Resolution

2011 Resolutions

  • R-11-01 Resolution supporting the Rails To Trails Grant
  • R-11-02 Road Bond Increase for Logging Roads in Gregg Township
  • R-11-03 Resolution regarding the Paving Loan taken out in 2011
  • R-11-04 Resolution accepting Penn DOT's policies and procedures to select consultant for Ross Hill Bridge
  • R-11-05 Support of Young Lungs at Play - Smoke Free Playgrounds
  • R-11-06 Resolution for Truck
  • R-11-07 Adopting te Affordable Housing Policies and Procedures Manual for the Conservation Design Ordinance