A resolution is a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by a governmental assembly. Resolutions are a sub-set of ordinances, stating a municipality's opinion on a given matter and authorizing such actions as setting various fees for services, and initiating agreements between the municipality and other entities, etc.

2018 Resolutions
2017 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions

2015 Resolutions
2014 Resolutions
  • R-14-01 SEO Resolution
  • R-14-02 Open Records Policy
  • R-14-03 Meeting Procedures Resolution
  • R-13-04 Disposition of Records Municipal Records Manual
  • R-14-05 OGS Playground
  • R-14-06 Playground Loan Resolution
  • R-14-07 PV Rails to Trails Implementation - Spring Mills Community Rail Trail
  • R-14-08 Impact Fee Budget Resolution
  • R-14-09 Health Insurance Trust
  • R-14-10 Plan Revision for New Land Development

2013 Resolutions

2012 Resolutions

  • R-12-01 Sewer Enforcement Agent for Township
  • R-12-02 Administrative Schedule of Fees
  • R-12-03 Zoning Hearing Board Fee Schedule
  • R-12-04 Zoning/Building Permit Fee Schedule
  • R-12-05 Open Records Policy
  • R-12-06 Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda
  • R-12-07 Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency to act on behalf of Gregg Township
  • R-12-08 Gregg Township Supports Prevailing Wage Reform
  • R-12-09 Tri-Municipal Park Resolution
  • R-12-10 Resolution for Plan Revision for New Land Development
  • R-12-13 Road Race Turkey Trot
  • R-12-14 Delinquent Earned Income Tax Collection
  • R-12-15 Penn DOT Resolution

2011 Resolutions

  • R-11-01 Resolution supporting the Rails To Trails Grant
  • R-11-02 Road Bond Increase for Logging Roads in Gregg Township
  • R-11-03 Resolution regarding the Paving Loan taken out in 2011
  • R-11-04 Resolution accepting Penn DOT's policies and procedures to select consultant for Ross Hill Bridge
  • R-11-05 Support of Young Lungs at Play - Smoke Free Playgrounds
  • R-11-06 Resolution for Truck
  • R-11-07 Adopting te Affordable Housing Policies and Procedures Manual for the Conservation Design Ordinance